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Secure Folder- an easy to use folder security software that lets you hide, lock and encrypt folders.
File: SecureFolder.zip
Size: 1.3 MB
Price: $19.99
MD5: 4715B95649823DA3735460D069D87926
USB Vault - secure your confidential data on USB drives.
File: USBVault.zip
Size: 320 KB
Version: 1.8
Price: $12
MD5: 9A970012C67C731A7A265922343E44B1
Power Switch -automatically switch between power plans.
File: PowerSwitch-Setup.zip
Size: 935 KB
Version: 4.5
Price: $9.95
MD5: 90C543BDC88F6F5C485C68861273AE5C
Shortcut Keys - Quickly access your favourite application and websites with keyboard shortcuts.
File: ShortcutKeys.zip
Size: 113 KB
Version: 1.8
Price: FREE
MD5: 4DDD123A7F2EFD1EF2BA59B067690BC4
Compute Hash -calculate MD5, SHA1, SHA256, SHA384, SHA512 file hash.
File: ComputeHash.zip
Size: 47 KB
Version: 4.4
Price: FREE
MD5: C286BE25278CD23FBA67FB516E6A58A3
StartUp Manager - Easily manage auto-running application.
File: StartUpManager.zip
Size: 66 KB
Version: 1.1
Price: FREE
MD5: AF0D65E8FCA8E1E516861121C4A474DD
Process Manager - application to manage running processes and remove harmful viruses.
File: ProcessManager.zip
Size: 96 KB
Version: 5.0
Price: FREE
MD5: 9417CF8AF8CD9D2746BBB4B00F0FB8F0
Screen Capture -easy to use screen capturing tool.
File: ScreenCapture.zip
Size: 20 KB
Version: 3.1
Price: FREE
MD5: BEA8E66D7CA1CF0D98FC93D2AE872878
Application Blocker -restrict execution of executable applications including web browsers.
File: AppBlocker.zip
Size: 63 KB
Version: 2.0
Price: FREE
MD5: FABEAB37E9C3A01608F78CB6D1512ED0
Flash Tweaker -tool specially designed to help you tweak your USB flash drive.
File: USBFlashTweak.zip
Size: 36 KB
Version: 4.0
Price: FREE
MD5: DC15777A361AB864D76DA1464EA74088
ConsoleMail -send email from command prompt.
File: ConsoleMail.zip
Size: 10 KB
Version: 1.0
Price: FREE
MD5: 0B4977B1298B4356B01160581F6DD8FB
Drive Icons -tool to change drive icons.
File: DriveIcon.zip
Size: 104 KB
Version: 2.0
Price: FREE
MD5: 7D79EC095B890005B22F8274BFCB7BAB
File Launcher -tool to execute commands with advanced options.
File: FileLauncher.zip
Size: 20 KB
Version: 2.0
Price FREE
MD5: C92FDE97D3E93DB7AE56BAD017E40960
Battery Booster - extend battery backup of your laptop.
File: BatteryBooster.zip
Size: 104 KB
Version: 1.1
Price: FREE
MD5: 7DE1A25F41FD53329461ED21D22B6266
Virtual Drive -associates folder path with a drive letter.
File: VirtualDrive.zip
Size: 311 KB
Version: 2.0
Price: FREE
MD5: A3CEFAB4F2F7D5B4F1EDFA1944E64828
System Tweaks -a complete system maintenance tool for Windows XP - ABANDONED
File: SystemTweaks.zip
Size: 455 KB
Version: 1.0
Price: FREE
MD5: 2DED1D3C46321546834BDFBAD261CDC9